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Which Path to Take?  “Come and See”

What is it you seek in life?  Do you find yourself experiencing a sense of God and a thirst for Him?  A dissatisfaction with everything other than God?  A sense of the vanity of all activities?  A sense of silence and a need of silence?  

Jesus is calling you to love.  But in what vocation?  Here’s one step you can take to help you discern God’s path for you.

On October 15, 2016, we are hosting a “Come-And-See” Day for single, Catholic women (ages 18-38) interested in learning more about cloistered Dominican life.  All meals will be provided and there is no cost to attend (for young women who need overnight accommodations, we have a few guest rooms, but they need to contact us early as the rooms fill quickly).  

With you and for you, we offer the words of Bl. Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P., which he wrote in a letter to a postulant:

I pray that the Lord may enlighten you concerning His most holy will.  If He allows you to hear His voice, do not block the ears of your heart, but follow the insights and the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, in spite of the reluctance of nature.  Tell yourself very seriously: What would I wish I had done at the hour of my death, on the day of my judgment?  Right now, do what you need to do so that later you will have accomplished it.  It is a question of a happy or an unhappy eternity…

Do not delay too long, and do not be stingy concerning your soul.


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