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What Makes JOY Contagious?

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Have you ever asked yourself: “What makes JOY contagious?”

Joy is so contagious that the whole world could be smitten.  Jesus started out with 12 men and look what happened?  If you feel a void in the center of your life, might God be calling you to embrace the consecrated life of a contemplative nun so that you might pray for our world and the needs of the Church?

Jesus said:

There is one thing you lack, come, follow Me.”  (Mark 10:21)

and Psalm 95 encourages us:

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

J oin a community of life-givers
O bserve the Dominican elements of prayer, study, community life and vows
Y earn to ponder God’s Word and to share the fruits of your prayer

Do not refuse the peace of Christ which has the power to stand guard over our hearts and minds.

Want to learn more about how to discover the JOY God wishes to give you as a Dominican nun?  Contact Sr. Joseph Marie to register for our upcoming “Come-and-See” Day.  

CCM 2016 Come and See Days (WEB)

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