Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Welcome, Sister Postulant!


On the feast of St. Clare, with joy, we welcomed into our community a new postulant.  The entrance ceremony begins in the parlor, then we meet the postulant at the cloister door.  She bids farewell to her family and friends; then she is granted entrance into the cloister by the prioress, who also places a veil on her head. 

The community processes to the choir while chanting a psalm. 


In the choir, the doors and grille are opened so the postulant’s loved ones can see inside as the prioress bestows the rosary to the postulant and prays over her. 


The postulant then gives the sign of peace to each sister in the community and together we sing the “Salve Regina”. 

Finally, as the cloister grille is closed by the sacristan, the prioress presents the postulant to her novice mistress, who shows her to her assigned choir stall.  Thus she begins her life as a nun.  

Postulancy is a time of continued discernment and in our community lasts six months to a year.  At the end of the postulancy, if the postulant still believes she is called to this life, she may request to receive the habit and begin her novitiate.

Please keep our newest postulant sister in your prayers.  Deo gratias!

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