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Want the Keys to the Mystery of Love and Relationships?

Everyone has a driving desire to love and to be loved.  So why do we seem to miss the mark so often?  We invite you to join us in discovering the keys to the mystery of love and relationships!  Beginning in September, the Dominican cloistered nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery and guest Jim Brady will be unraveling this mystery in a five-session series the second Saturday of the month.  Based on the groundbreaking “Love and Responsibility” by Karol Wojtyla (Saint John Paul II), some of the very practical, real-life relationship issues to be addressed include:

  • What makes a true friendship?
  • How does attraction lead to either selfless love or a relationship in which someone is being used?
  • How do I know if I am in a relationship of authentic love or just another relationship doomed to failure?
  • If everyone is made for spousal love, how is this desire reconciled with vocations to the priesthood, religious life or dedicated singlehood?

…and more!

Married with two children, Jim studied for two years at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California and holds a Master’s degree in Education.  He has been speaking and teaching with his trademark humor and enthusiasm for 35 years.  For the past ten years, he has focused on Saint John Paul II’s teachings on love and the mystery of the human person.  Saint John Paul II’s masterpiece of “Love and Responsibility” is based on his observations and pastoral experiences as a parish priest and is considered by many to be a precursor and essential to understanding his later body of work, the Theology of the Body.  Jim’s mission is to keep this extraordinary text at the forefront of the saint’s prolific works.

Mystery of Love: Unraveling Love and Relationships

Every Second Saturday beginning in September | 9:15-11:30 a.m. (Mass available at 8 a.m.)

September 9, 2017 | October, 14, 2017 | November 11, 2017 | December 9, 2017 | January 13, 2018

Cost: $45 (includes books, materials)

Corpus Christi Monastery

215 Oak Grove Avenue

Menlo Park, California

For more information or to register,  contact Sister Joseph Marie, O.P. at




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