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Vas Honorabile – Ora Pro Nobis

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O, happy those who live under the protection of a Mother so loving and so powerful!…

In the history of the foundations of the Society of Jesus, in the kingdom of Naples, is related the following story of a noble youth of Scotland, named William Elphinstone. He was related to King James, and lived for some time in the heresy in which he was born.  Enlightened by Divine grace, he began to perceive his errors, and having gone to France, where, with the assistance of a good Jesuit father, who was also a Scotchman, and still more by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, he at length discovered the truth, abjured heresy, and became a Catholic.

From France he went to Rome; and there a friend, finding him one day very much afflicted and weeping. He asked him the cause, and he answered, that during the night his mother appeared to him and said: “It is well for thee, son, that thou hast entered the true Church; for as I died in heresy, I am lost.” From that time he became more fervent in his devotion to Mary, chose her for his mother, and by her was inspired to become a religious. He made a vow to do so, but being ill, he went to Naples to restore his health by a change of air. But the Lord ordered it so that he should die in Naples, and die a religious; for, having become dangerously ill soon after his arrival there, he by prayers and tears, moved the superiors to accept him, and in the presence of the most Blessed Sacrament, when he received it as viaticum, he pronounced his vows, and was declared a member of the Society of Jesus. After this, it was most touching to hear with what tenderness he thanked his Mother Mary for having snatched him from heresy, and led him to die in the true Church, and in the house of God, surrounded by his religious brethren.  This made him exclaim: “O, how glorious it is to die in the midst of so many angels!” Being exhorted to take a little rest, he answered: “Ah, this is no time for repose, now that I am at the close of my life.” Before expiring, he said to those who surrounded him: “Brothers, do you not see the angels of Heaven here present who assist me?” One of the religious having heard him murmuring something to himself, asked him what he had said. He answered, that his guardian angel had revealed to him that he would remain but a very short time in purgatory, and that he would soon go to heaven. He then entered into a colloquy with his sweet Mother Mary, and like a child that abandons itself to rest in the arms of its mother, he exclaimed, “Mother, mother!” and sweetly expired. Shortly afterward, a devout religious learned by revelation that he was already in heaven.

-Extracted from the Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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