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Tota Pulchra Es Maria!

Tota Pulchra es Maria


It was befitting the Holy Spirit that this his most beloved spouse should be immaculate. The redemption of men who had already fallen into sin being decreed, he wished that this his spouse should be redeemed in the most noble manner, namely, by being preserved from falling into sin. And if God preserved the body of Mary after her death, how much more ought we to believe that he would preserve her soul from the corruption of guilt? For this reason the Divine Spouse called her, in the sacred Canticles, “an enclosed garden, a sealed fountain”; for the enemies never entered the blessed soul of Mary. Therefore he praised her, calling her all beautiful, always beloved, and all pure: “Thou art all fair, O my love, and there is not a spot in thee.”

Ah, my most beautiful Lady, I rejoice in seeing thee, by thy purity and thy beauty, so dear to God. I thank God for having preserved thee from every sin.

My Queen, since thou art so loved by the most Holy Trinity, do not disdain to cast thy eyes upon my soul so defiled by sin, that thou mayest obtain for me, from God, pardon and eternal salvation. Look upon me and change me. Thou, by thy sweetness, hast drawn so many hearts to love thee, draw also my heart, that henceforth I may love no other than God and thee. Thou well knowest that in thee I have placed all my hopes; my dear Mother; abandon me not. Help me always by thy intercession, in life and especially at the hour of my death; grant that I may die invoking thee and loving thee, that I may love thee forever in Paradise.

From the Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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