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It starts with one.  Then, like wildfire, it can spread through the community.  The winter cold.  Or flu.  Or whatever seasonal bug that’s going around.  Presently, half the choir is affected, to one degree or another, with the first bug of the season.  The other half is doing all they can to help the sick sisters feel better, while remaining healthy themselves!  Thankfully, God in His wisdom, has given us many helps to ease the symptoms of sickness and shorten its duration (God’s grace providing!).

The first home remedy: a “eucalyptus sauna”.  The novitiate sisters picked a bunch of eucalyptus leaves from our trees to be boiled for a steamy remedy.

How wonderful God in his wisdom that our current seasonal fruit, oranges and lemons, are loaded with Vitamin C!

Picking Oranges IMG_4644
The last home remedy (and prevention) is a hot drink cooked up by the novitiate.  One or two garlic cloves, crushed and chopped, a pinch of homemade crystallized ginger (thanks to our Postulant’s spiritual director who sent it to us all the way from Florida!) and a good squeeze of lemon, steeped in hot water.  Consume the garlic and ginger as well.  If you don’t have crystallized  ginger, use peeled and thinly sliced fresh ginger with a bit of honey.

Oranges and Eucalyptus IMG_4643

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