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Time to Celebrate an Anniversary and a Feast Day!

It’s not many religious who are blessed to have their clothing day, first profession of vows, solemn profession of vows and feast day all coincide (though years apart)!

2016.05.01 SJM Simple Profession IMG_0023

First Profession of Vows

Today we give thanks for Sister Joseph Marie, our vocation directress and novice mistress. Born in Vietnam, Sister came to the United States in her teens, began to pursue (and achieve!) the American dream in the field of biochemistry. But something was still missing from her life…

2016.05.01 SJM with Friars 150_5056

Profession of Vows Celebration with our Brothers and Seminarians at St. Patrick’s Seminary!

2016.05.01 SJM Solemn Profession‏ with Seminarians

Read her vocation story here to learn more and remember to say a prayer for Sister Joseph Marie today.

2016.05.01 SJM Anniversary

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