Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

The Woman Clothed with the Sun – Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mary set off to the hill country in haste and came upon little Juan Diego. His heart leapt within him upon seeing her and he cried out, “Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?” And Mary replied, “Build a Church for me here that all my children in this land may magnify the Lord and rejoice in God our Saviour.”

The woman clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet then appeared on the tilma of little Juan Diego and many came to believe. The haughty and proud false gods were cast down and the lowly maiden was lifted up, she who said “Let it be done unto me according to Your will.” And His will was to become man within her womb that she might carry him to all people. Time and space could pose no problem.

Castillian roses could bloom in the frost of winter and millions be converted because Mary said yes. Mary made haste to the hill country. Mary magnified the Lord and all generations call her mother and rejoice in her holiness. Blessed is she who believed for us what we could not believe on our own!

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