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The Romance of Religious Life (Part 2 of 7)

This is the second part in a seven-part series. The first post may be found here. Check back for the rest!

Recreation with Nuns IMG_1195

Perhaps you see an announcement in your parish bulletin, or a website/blog, or hear about a “Come-and-See” opportunity. Regardless, just as you don’t find a spouse by sitting at home, you can’t discern religious life properly without meeting some communities. So you get out there and begin meeting communities and getting to know them, their life, and what they are about.

Interested in learning more about Dominican contemplative life and our community? If you are a young (ages 18-40), single Catholic woman, we invite and encourage you to contact our vocation directress, Sister Joseph Marie to get your questions answered or to set up a time to chat or visit. Also, our next “Come-and-See” Day is July 16, 2016. Contact Sister Joseph Marie to learn more or to register.

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