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The Romance of Religious Life (Part 1 of 7)

Religious life is a divine romance P1090349

This is the first part in a seven-part series. Check back for the rest!

Religious life is not a career or a social movement. It is a divine romance. Our spouse is Christ Jesus, our children are the souls for whom we pray and offer our lives. And for those called to this holy vocation, every day is an opportunity to love more deeply by conforming ourselves to our Bridegroom and be swept off our feet by Him. After all, we not only wed “Mr. Right” – He’s “Mr. Perfect”!

And so, it is only right that discerning religious life with a community be a lot like discerning marriage with a particular person. Both are vocations of love (actually, all vocations are simply a call from God to love). And, ideally, you are looking at, “Is this the person/community/way God is calling me to give myself in love?” It is not, as Hollywood has portrayed it, asking, “does this person make me feel good/complete me?” But that is another post, back to the exciting romance of religious life…

So, how does religious life compare with dating and marriage? Well, in both vocations, a person first needs to be growing in their spiritual life. Then, you put yourself out there to meet someone (a community), get to know them (we’re just friends: inquirer/candidate with a religious community), mutually decide to start dating (perhaps you’re “the one”: aspirancy), commit to date each other exclusively (I really think you are “the one”: postulancy), enter into an engagement to marry (novitiate), profess marriage vows (simple vows), and finally seal the marriage vows with consummation (solemn vows).

Interested in learning more about Dominican contemplative life and our community? If you are a young (ages 18-40), single Catholic woman, we invite and encourage you to contact our vocation directress, Sister Joseph Marie to get your questions answered or to set up a time to chat or visit. Also, our next “Come-and-See” Day is July 16, 2016. Contact Sister Joseph Marie to learn more or to register.

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