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The Resurrection…Alleluia! O Joy!

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O Joy!
He rises – He rises
But the surprise is
(O the blessedness of it!)
The surprise is
Yes, our Lord died
is now in glory.
that is not the whole story
My rejoicing in His rising
was in realizing
suffering for Him is no more
Oh, how wrong and
how far above our puny thoughts
are those of God.
Don’t you know
I was told
that Jesus would go through the whole Passion again
Just for you?
If he thought it were true
your rejoicing solely that
He’s now free from suffering and pain
He would blame you as He did Peter
“Get thee behind Me, Satan”
Christ’s rejoicing in His rising
is not freedom from pain
But rather that
for you
He has gained His Father’s favor
You can now be heir with Him
in His Father’s House
Through Him,
You can now be
with Father,
Holy Spirit, Son
His joy is that He has
gifted you
lifted you
So that now, you
may say
“This is my
I have risen
through my Savior’s rising
And through
I can now be one
with Him.”
Let us indeed be glad and rejoice.
This is indeed
the day the Lord has made
His love shall never fade
Heaven and earth can never fathom it!
(Poem written by our Sister Mary of the Holy Spirit, O.P.)

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