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The Princess Who Wasn’t

2016.05.12 Blessed Jane of Portugal

Many girls dream of meeting a prince and becoming a princess bride. But Jane of Portugal set her sights even higher. Born into the Spanish court, Bl. Jane was so inflamed with love for God that she shunned all the pleasures her position at court afforded her. So that she could consecrate herself to the service of God in the Dominican Third Order, she also spurned many suitors, including the son of Louis IX of France.

Her great delight was to teach the catechism to prisoners, and her servants were ordered to seek twice every day for those poor persons who were ashamed to own their poverty. The manifestation of her interior life to her director seemed to her so important that she noted down each day her actions and dispositions in order the better to make it known. It is said that her great horror of sin caused her martyrdom, for she was poisoned by a wicked woman who she had ordered to be driven away from Aveiro (the town in which she had become a Dominican) after having failed by gentle means to reclaim her.

Her great devotion was to the Passion of Our Lord, of which she could not hear without weeping. At the end of her life she exclaimed while dying: “Lord, turn Thy face away from my sins.”

Blessed Jane of Portugal, pray for us!

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