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The Nuns and Friars of Mary-The Mother of God

2015.01.01 Mary, Mother of God

Did you know that  in the early days of the Order of Preachers, we were known as the “Friars of Mary?”  This was because of the friars’ love and devotion toward Mary and their unfailing trust in our Blessed Mother while they enjoyed her maternal love and protection for them.  We have countless number of stories left to us and we would like to share with you a short account given by Gerald de Frachet O.P. in the Vitae Fratrum (The Lives of the Brethren.)

There was a certain Friar who was ordered to go and preach to the Tartars and this caused him great distress.  He then asked his friend, a holy hermit to pray for him.  This the hemit did and on the following night, he had a vision.  In the vision he saw a great river and over it was a bridge where men of different Orders were crossing it but they were alone.  He then saw the Friar Preachers but instead of crossing the great river on the bridge, they were swimming across the river, each of the them pulling a chariot full of men after him.  When some of them seemed exhausted, he saw our Lady stretching out her hand to help them and with her help, the friars joyfully and safely reached the opposite side with all those whom they drew after them.  Upon hearing of the holy hermit’s vision, this brother was amazingly strengthened and realized that though his labors may be painful and dangerous, it is not only fitting but absolutely essential that a Friar Preacher must work hard for souls and to not reach heaven alone as he has all the maternal protection and assistance of the Mother of God.

We wish you a Blessed New Year and the Solemnity of our Mother, the Mother of God.

May God, who through the childbearing of the Blessed Virgin Mary willed in his great kindness to redeem the human race, be pleased to enrich you with his blessing and may you know always and everywhere the protection of her, through whom you have been found worthy to receive the author of life.  Amen. (From the solemn blessings of today’s Mass.)

Deo Gratias!


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