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The Miracle of the Sun: 100 years later

On this day, 100 years ago, over 70,000 people were gathered in a desolate, remote area in the hill country of Portugal.  The weather was cold and wet, the fields soaking and the people becoming wet and muddy as they waited.  Some had come full of faith, others were curious.  Still others were hostile and jeered at those who had gathered here at the word of three peasant, shepherd children.  For the children claimed that they had seen a Lady made wholly of light, standing on a small tree, who spoke to them, then vanished.  She had promised a miracle would take place on this day.  So, today, a large crowd was gathered to see what would happen.

The clouds parted, the three children saw the Lady, but the rest of the crowd saw a sight that filled many with awe, some with terror.  The sun began to dance!  It cast of brilliant colors, a dazzling display of light never before seen, then it began to grow larger and larger, as if plummeting to earth.  People began to fear, then, just as suddenly as the display began, the sun returned to its place in the heavens.  As people began to process what they had seen and experienced, they realized that their clothes, previously soaked from the rain, were completely dry!

In the months leading up to this Miracle of the Sun, the Lady had shared with the children instructions and prophesies if her instructions were not followed – essentially, she instructed conversion of hearts through prayer, penance and renewed devotion, or else humanity would suffer much, including through wars and errors spread from Russia.   She revealed herself as the Lady of the Rosary and instructed the children and the faithful to pray the Rosary daily for peace and the conversion of souls.

This Lady, has often changed the course of history.  Her Rosary, preached by Saint Dominic, overthrew the Manichean heresy that would have destroyed European society.  It kept both faith and the love of freedom alive in Eire for centuries.  It won the battle of Lepanto, where Christendom was saved from Moslem domination.  It was under her special protection that Columbus set out to discover the western world, changing the name of his flagship from Mariagalante to Santa Maria; and every night, as dusk came over the uncharted and terrifying waste of the Sargasso Sea, his sailors would assemble on the decks to sing her vespers hymn:

Hail, holy Queen, mother of mercy,
Our life, our sweetness and our hope,

-William Thomas Walsh

Our Lady of Fátima

But is it any surprise that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, God Incarnate, should have such a privileged place in the care and salvation of souls?  Always a handmaid of God and a mother to us, she longs to see not a single soul lost, but all brought to eternal peace and joy.  And because she is “full of grace,” free from all stain of sin, she is perfectly obedient, perfectly conformed to the will of God.  Her Rosary, which leads us to contemplate with her the mysteries of the Gospel, is her school.  When we pray the Rosary, we not only consider these events, such as the Annunciation, Jesus’ agony in the Garden, and the descent of the Holy Spirit, but we are transformed by them.  Peace is brought into our world because we are made conduits, instruments of that peace.

What a beautiful gift from so loving a Mother!  A gift that teaches us, shapes us, transforms us!  A gift that brings us true peace and happiness because by praying it, she takes us by the hand and gently leads us to her adorable and merciful Son.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

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