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The ‘Fitting’

2015.05.10 The Fitting (DSCN0170)

Two of our novitiate sisters are getting very excited as their special days draw near: the renewal of vows for Sr. Mary Isabel of the Angels at Mass on Wednesday this week, and the vestition of Sr. Tara on Pentecost Sunday.

2015.05.10 The Fitting (DSCN0017)


2015.05.10 The Fitting (DSC05134)

With all her duties as prioress, Sr. Maria Christine somehow managed to finish making the habits for the sisters in such a short time, and the sisters couldn’t wait to try them on to make sure they’re ‘fitted’ for the occasions.  For Sr. Tara, it will be a new experience as she learns the ‘how-to’ of making the veil, keeping the habit clean while eating dangerous foods such as spaghetti, and not cutting her scapular or drilling holes into it.  Yes, these things really can happen!

All vocation is rooted in Baptism and a general call to holiness.  When a novice is clothed in the habit, she will become a visible sign of the hope we share for the divine life to come.  Our habit is not only a sign of our consecration to God but also a witness to poverty since we receive only two habits on our clothing day which should last us for many, many years!  Sister Tara will also receive a religious name and officially begins her canonical novitiate year.  Any guesses on what her religious name will be???

Please keep our sisters in prayer as they prepare to deepen their commitment to Christ and the work of redemption.

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