Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

The Divine Son’s Funeral

2015.10.10 BVM Refuge of Sinners IMG_4056…How devoutly, how sorrowfully did his Mother follow the sad funeral of her Son, holding his sacred head, her eyes fixed upon his face, while she kissed it times without number, and watered it with her tears!
How lovingly she embraced the tomb, as if to say:

O sacred monument! O happy tomb! O precious ciborium! How noble a treasure, how excellent a prize, how immense a Lord do you contain?

O elect vessel! O happy creature, found worthy to receive your Creator, and to give hospitality to the King of glory, lay aside now your natural hardness and roughness, and become soft, so as reverently to embrace the tender limbs of my beloved Son.

O glorious ark! O excellent temple of God, above all creatures the most like myself! For even as I was chosen by God to bear his Son in my chaste womb, so has he chosen you to receive Christ’s Body, the glorious instrument of many marvels, the priceless treasure of the world, and its chief good, surpassing the heavens and the earth in its excellence and worth. And even as you are new, nor have you ever been polluted by the contact of any body, so I, too, am pure and free from the touch of all creatures. Even as from you, although closed, the Savior of the world shall rise again alive, so from my closed womb the salvation of the world went forth. And even as you are a rock solid and immovable, so have I remained unchangeable, and unconquered in faith and virtue…

As the sepulchre was cut out and polished with sharp iron, so the Virgin suffered a fitting place to be cut in the inmost parts of her soul by the sword of sorrow…

Thus, then, did she anoint and wrap Christ her Son, and bury Him in the sacred monument of her own heart. But now let us consider how sorrowfully the afflicted Mother departed from the monument. How continual was her thought of Him whom she had lost, and how priceless a treasure she had suffered to be hidden under the stone…

But we will, together with the Virgin Mother, bury Christ Jesus in our hearts, so that He may also rise again in us, and that we, by Him and in Him, may rise from all dead works, and with Him may mount up in all happiness to the glory of His Father, He Himself being our help, who is blessed forever.


-Rev. John Tauler, O.P.
Meditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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