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St. Hyacinth: Dominic of the North

St. Hayacinth

Providence led Hyacinth, as if by chance, to Rome, where he met and loved St. Dominic.  On receiving the habit from the holy Patriarch, Hyacinth received his spirit, and in six months became one of the firmest supports of the rising Order.  Returning to Poland and northern Europe, by the end of his life, God had worked through him countless miracles and conversions as he journeyed thousands of miles, preaching the Gospel.  His steps might be traced by counting the convents and churches he left where he passed: Cracow, Prague, Moravia, Prussia, Pomerania, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Gothland, Scotland, Livonia, Russia, Constantinople, Tibet, Northern China…

His spirit has left its mark deeply imprinted in particular on the people of his native Poland.  Today, the Polish Dominicans are one of the most active and thriving provinces in the world.  And what they have received from St. Hyacinth, and preserved and passed down through the succeeding generations, they go out and share with the world.  The Western Province is blessed to have several of our Polish Dominican brothers studying and serving here.

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Fr. Lukasz Misko, O.P., one of our Polish friars serving in the Western Dominican Province with the students of St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center, Utah

St. Hyacinth, continue to protect and obtain graces for the people of Poland, particularly our Dominican family, and pray for us, that our hearts would burn brightly with love of God and a zeal for the salvation of souls.

Practice – In difficult acts of obedience, never hesitate.  God will give you strength; the less successful you are, the more He will bless you and others through you.

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