Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Spiritual Bouquets

Since the founding of our monastery, our community has welcomed Mass requests and provided personalized Mass cards upon request for any occasion such as birthday, graduation, wedding, healing, ect.  We also offer enrollments in our Venite Adoremus Association with comes with perpetual participation in the life of prayer of the nuns.

Those desiring to request a Mass or to enroll as perpetual members or to enroll relatives, friends and deceased loved ones, may do so by filling out the following form. The inside of the cards are personalized at the time the request and donation are submitted, and then mailed directly to the honoree or to the requestor.

CCMMassCardRequestForm (rev 2017.12)

Veníte Adorémus Association

Members of the Venite Adoremus Association perpetually share in the spiritual fruits of daily Mass, Holy Communion, Rosary and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the nuns, their recitation of the Divine Office and also in their works, sacrifices and fasts.  As a day especially set apart, the first Thursday of each month is offered in the Monastery for the members of the Association and for their intentions.

Mass Requests

Please specify the design on the form when ordering.

MC7001 Dominican nun (with border)


MC7002 Dominican nun (no border)

MC8001 Blessed Sacrament window

MC1001 Monstrance

MC3001 Blessed Virgin Mary