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Speculum Iustitiae – Ora Pro Nobis

2015.06.27 BVM Mirror of Justice (IMG_2708)

How much did Mary love God?…and us, sinners though we are?  Let us meditate on the love Mary had for God and her thirst to satisfy the demand of Divine justice by her consent to the death of her only Son.  From the moment Mary uttered her fiat, she knew how much this sacrifice would cost her.  Yet, she willingly submitted to God’s will and joyfully sacrificed her whole existence for the love of God.  Let us imitate our Blessed Mother in her love for the glory of God.

The eternal Father had already determined to save man, who was lost by sin, and to deliver him from eternal death. But because he willed at the same time, that his Divine justice should not be defrauded of a worthy and due satisfaction, He spared not the life of his own Son, already become man to redeem man, but willed that he should pay, to the utmost rigor the penalty which men had deserved.  ‘He that spared not even his own Son,but delivered him up for us all.’ He sent him therefore on the earth to become man.  He destined for him a mother, and willed that this mother should be the Blessed Virgin Mary.  But as He willed not that his Divine Word should become her Son before she accepted him by her express consent, so He did not wish that Jesus should sacrifice his life for the salvation of men without the concurrence of the consent of Mary, that together with the sacrifice of the life of the Son, the heart of the mother might be also sacrificed. St. Thomas teaches that the quality of mother gives a special right over her children; hence Jesus, being in himself innocent and undeserving of punishment, it seemed fitting that he should not be condemned to the cross as the victim for the sins of the world without the consent of his mother, by which she should voluntarily offer him to death.

-St. Alphonsus de Ligouri


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