Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Soon to be…Three!

Exciting news!  Our postulant is in her final days wearing the black skirt and vest.  On Saturday, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, she will be clothed in the Dominican habit and white veil of a novice!  But there’s so much to do before then…

Initial Measurements IMG_3873

Taking measurements for the habit and other pieces…

Fitting IMG_3890

A fitting of the habit tunic…

Blessing Before Retreat IMG_3883

A blessing from the prioress upon entering her retreat.  All postulants spend their last eight days before their vestition in retreat.

Skirts and Veils and Tunicelles Oh My IMG_3881

In the meantime…Sewing and more sewing!  Habits, scapulars, skirts, veils, tunicelles…oh my!  In our community, you do not sew for yourself.  In that way, the sisters offer their work for love and charity to God, the community and those sisters in need.  Also, a sister receiving needed clothing receives the pieces made for her with gratitude and humility as a gift of God and the community.  So, those who sew, (for us, the prioress, novice mistress and novitiate sisters) are hard at work before the big day.

Preparing for retreat IMG_3882

Please keep our postulant in your prayers as Saturday draws near, and keep praying, inviting and encouraging more vocations!  Deo gratias!

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