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Simple Things

Garden Cucumber IMG_3708

It’s been a “touch-and-go” season for our garden.  We limited our planting this year due largely to our ongoing (and worsening) drought.  What we did plant had a rough start and just didn’t seem to grow!  And now that we are finally seeing some fruit and vegetables on the vine, we’re fighting the squirrels and birds to see who can get to it first (birds and squirrels are winning by a landslide – they don’t seem to mind eating very underripe produce!).

But finally we are starting to see the fruits of our patient labor – the first cucumber!  With more on the vine, as well as tomatoes that should ripen soon.  We are also seeing some wonderful fruit on our trees, after lugging hoses around to hand-water our best fruit trees (last year, the squirrels picked clean the plum and pear trees – this year, we had one plum tree very heavy with fruit, but when we went out two days later to pick it, it was already picked clean, the ground littered with many pits!).

Thanks be to God for His provision of simple things.

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