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Sancta Virgo Virginum, Ora Pro Nobis

2015.01.17 BVM for Discernment Day with prayer request (low res)

Of Mary’s chastity…Denis the Carthusian remarks: “Mary was compared to a lily among thorns because all other virgins were thorns, either to themselves or to others; but the Blessed Virgin was not so, either to herself or to others”. She inspired everybody who saw her with chaste thoughts.

Saint Thomas confirms this when he says that the beauty of the Blessed Virgin incited to chastity all who looked at her. Saint Jerome maintains that Saint Joseph remained a virgin as a result of living with Mary. Writing against the heretic Helvidius who denied Mary’s virginity, Saint Jerome said: “You say that Mary did not remain a virgin. I say that not only did she remain a virgin, but that even Joseph preserved his virginity through Mary”. Saint Gregory of Nyssa says that the Blessed Virgin loved chastity so much, that to preserve it she would have been willing to renounce even the dignity of Mother of God.

O Mary, O most pure Dove…obtain us the grace always to have recourse to thee in our temptations, and always to invoke thee, saying, ‘Mary, Mary, help us.’ Amen.

-Extracted from The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori-

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