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Sancta Maria, Ora Pro Nobis

2015.01.10 BVM Devotion - Hail Mary Full of Grace

“Holy Mary
Holy in body and in soul
Holy because of thy incomparable
And eternal devotion
To the service of God—-

Holy in thy great rank
Of Mother of God
Who has endowed thee
With eminent holiness,
A worthy attribute
Of this great dignity.

Mother of God—-
And our Mother—-
Our Advocate and Mediatrix
Thou who art the Treasurer of God’s graces
And who dost dispense them
As thou seest fit—-
Oh, we beg of thee
Obtain for us
The forgiveness of our sins—-
And grant that we may be reconciled
With God’s infinite Majesty…

Mother of the Redeemer,
Pray for us
During this short life
So fraught with sorrow and uncertainty.
Pray for us now,
Now—-because we can be sure of nothing
Except the present moment…

Please, Mother
Lead us
To thy Son’s
Judgment Seat
And do not forsake us there.
Intercede for us
And ask thy Son to forgive us
And let us into the ranks of the blessed
Thy elect
In the realm of everlasting glory.
Amen. So be it.”

-Extracted from the Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis de Monfort.

Have you talked to our Mother today? Christ, dying on the cross entrusted his own Mother to us to be our Mother, our Advocate and our Queen.  If you haven’t done so, join us by honoring our Mother each day and especially on Saturdays by praying the Rosary.  This is also a powerful way to implore our Lady’s intercession for our Mother Church, for those who rule and govern us, for ourselves and our loved ones, for souls and for peace in our world.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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