Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Regina Familiae – Ora Pro Nobis

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The Blessed Virgin, Mother of gentleness and mercy, never allows herself to be surpassed in love and generosity. When she sees someone giving himself entirely to her in order to honor and serve her, and depriving himself of what he prizes most in order to adorn her, she gives herself completely in a wondrous manner to him. She engulfs him in the ocean of her graces, adorns him with her merits, supports him with her power, enlightens him with her light, and fills him with her love. She shares her virtues with him — her humility, faith, purity, etc. She makes up for his failings and becomes his representative with Jesus. Just as one who is consecrated belongs entirely to Mary, so Mary belongs entirely to him.

-St. Louis de Monfort

St. Louis de Montfort recommends consecrating ourselves on one of Mary’s Feast days. Go here to learn how.

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