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Regina Apostolorum – Ora Pro Nobis

2016.01.23 BVM Regina Apostolorum

It is related in Scripture that Boaz permitted the woman named Ruth to glean the ears that the reapers dropped and left behind them. St. Bonaventnre adds, that as Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz. so Mary has found favor in the eyes of the Lord, and is permitted to glean after the reapers. The reapers are the apostolic laborers, missionaries, preachers, and confessors, who toil through the day to gather and win souls for God. But there are some hardened and rebellious souls who are left behind even by these reapers, and it is granted to Mary alone by her powerful intercession to save these abandoned ears. But unfortunate are they who do not allow themselves to be gathered by this sweet Lady. For they will be entirely lost and accursed! Blessed, on the other hand, are those who have recourse to this good Mother! “There is no sinner in the world”, says the devout Blosius, “any sinner, however revolting and wicked who is despised or rejected by Mary; she can, she wills, and she knows how to reconcile him to her most beloved Son, if only he will seek her assistance.”

The blessed John Herold, who, through humility, called himself the disciple, relates that there was a married man who lived in disgrace in the sight of God. His wife, a virtuous woman, not being able to induce him to abandon his vicious courses, begged him, in the wretched state in which he was, to practice at least the devotion of saluting our Blessed Lady with a ‘Hail Mary’ each time that he might pass before her picture. He began to do so. One night, when this wretched man was on his way to commit a crime, when he saw a light at a distance; he drew near to see what it was, and found that it was a lamp burning before a holy image of Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms. He at once, according to custom, said a “Hail Mary,”.  At the same moment he saw the Divine Infant covered with wounds, and fresh blood flowing from them. Both terrified and moved to compassion at this sight, he reflected that it was he who by his sins had thus wounded his Redeemer.  He burst into tears; but the Divine Infant turned his back to him.  Filled with shame, he appealed to the most Blessed Virgin, saying : “Mother of mercy, thy Son rejects me; I can find no advocate more kind and more powerful than thou, who art his Mother; my Queen, do thou help me, and  intercede for me.” The Divine Mother answered him from the picture: “You sinners call me Mother of mercy, but yet you do not cease to make me Mother of Sorrows, by crucifying my son afresh and renewing my sorrows.” But as Mary never sends away disconsolate those who cast themselves at her feet, she began to entreat her Son that he would pardon that miserable sinner. Jesus continued to show himself unwilling to grant such a pardon, but the holy Virgin, placing the Infant in the niche, prostrated herself before him, saying : “My Son, I will not leave thy feet until thou hast pardoned this sinner.” “My Mother,” answered Jesus, “I can deny thee nothing; thou willest that he should be forgiven; for love of thee I pardon him. Let him come and kiss my wounds.” The sinner approached, weeping bitterly, and as he kissed the wounds of the infant, they were healed. Then Jesus embraced him as a sign of pardon. He changed his life, which from that time was one of holiness; and he always preserved the most tender love and gratitude towards this Blessed Virgin, who had obtained him so great a grace.

-From the Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori


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