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Refugium Peccatorum – Ora Pro Nobis

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St. Bernard, speaking of the great compassion of Mary towards us poor creatures, says, “that she is the land overflowing with milk and honey promised by God”.  Hence St. Leo observes, “that the Blessed Virgin has so merciful a heart, that she deserves not only to be called merciful, but mercy itself”.

St. Bonaventure also, considering that Mary was made Mother of God on account of the miserable, and that to her is committed the charge of dispensing mercy; considering, moreover, the tender care she takes of all, and that her compassion is so great that she seems to have no other desire than that of relieving the needy; says, that when he looks at her, he seems no longer to see the justice of God, but only the divine mercy, of which Mary is full.  “O Mary, when I behold thee, I can only discern mercy, for thou wast made Mother of God for the wretched, and then thou wast instructed with their charge: thou art all solicitude for them; thou art walled in with mercy; thy only wish is to show it”.

-The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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