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Prepared For Death: Bl. Sadoc and Companions, O.P.

Bl Sadoc and Comp

Bl. Sadoc was chosen by St. Dominic himself at the General Chapter of Bologna (1221) to evangelize the vast regions of the north, in company with Bl. Paul of Hungary, a celebrated professor of canon law at Bologna.  Bl. Paul of Hungary afterward fell victim to the Mongols.

Bl. Sadoc set to work at once, preaching with ardor, praying with fervor.  He was singing the Office of Matins with his religious in the Convent of Sandomir, when the Friar who was reading the martyrology saw in the book these words written in letters of gold: “At Sandomir, the martyrdom of forty-nine Friars Preachers.”

Understanding this as a warning from Heaven, the religious prepared themselves for death in the early morning by confession and Holy Communion, and that same evening the Tartars, breaking into the monastery, massacred them all during the singing of the “Salve Regina.”  One novice, hiding through fear in the belfry, when he heard the Friars singing this beautiful antiphon with joy and fervor, was seized with remorse, felt his courage renewed, and, coming down, took his place to shed his blood with the rest (1250).

From that time our Order has continued the touching custom of singing the “Salve Regina” in a subdued voice beside each religious when dying.

Prayer: O Blessed Virgin Mary, grant that I may hear the “Salve Regina” sung at my death-bed, that I may join in it in spirit and find there help to die with resignation, confidence, and joy.

Practice: Make your preparation for death every evening, bust especially on the first Friday of the month.

From “Saints and Saintly Dominicans: Daily Reflections on Their Lives”, edited by Rev. Thomas a Kempis Reilly, O.P. (1915).

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