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Part One – THE DESERT AND THE CROSS: A Meditation Series on the Temptations of Jesus in the Desert Through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

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Divine inspiration can have a number of channels.  For Dominicans, it often comes, at least in part, through one of our siblings in the Order.  As it was in St. Dominic’s day, our friars regularly volunteer to offer us lectures and classes on spiritual topics.  Our novitiate sisters in particular have been richly blessed with classes on Cassian, the Sacraments, and Dominican Prayer and Spirituality given by our Brothers in the Province.  We are also blessed by wonderful homilies, words of counsel in spiritual direction and confession, moments of thanksgiving and retreats, and most especially through offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Taking all these words and encounters to Jesus in prayer, He speaks, moves and inspires us.  From this contemplation, we may bring forth fruit in various forms.  This is how this meditation series came to be – God speaking through our friars and directly to hearts through sacramental and private prayer, bursting forth one day after praying the Rosary, our Lady’s prayer so dear to the hearts of Dominicans.  To keep each post brief, we will be posting each mystery separately for the first six Fridays in Lent, this being the first.

Jesus, how little we truly understand and appreciate the depth of your love for us, how you madly, passionately love us.  You wait for us to just turn to you if even for a moment.  This Lent, may we turn to face you, follow you into the desert, let go of the sins and attachments that bind us and open ourselves to your infinite love and graces you seek to lavish on us.  May your Blessed Mother be our guide as we meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary and contemplate your temptations in the desert.

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