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One Hour Given to Make an Eternal Difference: Will You Accept?

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Imagine not being able to hear Mass or be freed from your sins in the sacrament of confession.  Imagine facing serious illness or even death and not being able to receive the grace and strength available in the sacrament of anointing.  Imagine no one standing vigil in prayer within cloister walls, no quiet chapel to seek refuge and the presence of Jesus when the world around seems to bear heavy and crushing.  Imagine no religious sisters or brothers teaching our children and those yearning to learn the faith, no gentle hands to tend the wounds of the body while soothing the wounds of the heart.  Imagine…

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have to imagine this.  We see and feel the reality of this every day because we don’t have a parish priest and there are fewer religious in the cloisters, classrooms, sick rooms, and our streets as Jesus’ hands and feet in the world.  Jesus saw this reality, the great need of so many souls who would be lost without someone to preach and minister to them.  And He told us the first step we should take to meet this tremendous need.  Pray.

Prayer is our first step.  It is an act of humility and faith.  In prayer, we acknowledge that we have a need, and that we cannot meet that need on our own.  We recognize that God can and will meet that need when we ask Him.  We pray not to inform or change God, for He is all-knowing and unchangeable.  Rather, we pray so that we can be changed and be made more receptive to the good things God already intends to give us.  But He cannot give them to us when we busy ourselves trying to do it on our own or sit with clenched fists; only an open hand can receive.

And when we pray together, as a community, as a church, our hearts and minds and spirits come together as one in Him and is immeasurably powerful.  We need God to send out workers to the harvest, and we need each other to pray together so that together we can receive the incredible miracle of these vocations.  Our local church, the Archdiocese of San Francisco, is calling on all the faithful to join together in prayer for these vocations that we, and the souls around us, so desperately need.  Next weekend, February 4th – 5th, people will be committing to spend one hour in adoration praying for vocations.  There are four locations in the archdiocese designated for this adoration event and our chapel is one of them.  We need two adorers per hour and many time slots have been filled, especially for the daytime hours on Saturday, February 4th.  But we especially need adorers for the hours between 9 p.m. on February 4th until Mass (8 a.m.) on February 5th.  Click here to sign up for an hour of Adoration at our monastery.

One hour of your weekend praying for priestly and consecrated vocations; one hour given to make an eternal difference.  Will you take up the challenge?  Will you help spread the world and invite your family, friends, and fellow parishioners to spend one hour with Jesus?  Pray, Invite and Encourage.  If not you, then who?

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