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Nun Run!

2015.08.14 Nun Run IMG_3697
Last week we had the joy of meeting a group of high school students and recent grads traveling through California and Oregon on a Nun Run.  No, it did not involve lacing up running shoes, but it was fun!  A nun run is when a group of young women set aside a long weekend (or more) to visit multiple women religious communities at a time.  This group was from the Portland and Salem areas of Oregon and had scheduled to visit about three communities per day for four days!

We enjoyed spending our recreation time with these women, sharing about our life as Dominican cloistered nuns, our vocation stories, and answering a wide range of questions.  It was beautiful to see these students open to discerning God’s call in their lives and converse with them.  Please join us in praying for them as they continue to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to their heart in their continued discernment.



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