Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

No Monastery Is an Island

A Dominican monastery has a particular place in the Church and the Dominican Order.  Each monastery of nuns is autonomous, and is legally distinct and independent from one another.  This means that each monastery should have sufficient resources to maintain regular life by means of vocations and economic resources drawn from its own area. However, this does not mean a monastery should exist in isolation.


The role of an association or federation is to establish and strengthen bonds of communion between monasteries and unite them in mutual assistance to foster stability, regular observance, and the formation of young nuns.  The consequences of this communion and collaboration is aimed at promoting the contemplative life in each member monastery, particularly through mutual communication and/or the sharing of personnel to perform common duties (while still safeguarding the autonomy of the individual monasteries).

The Association Assembly brings together the Assembly council, representatives of member and affiliate monasteries, as well as friars selected as consultants and representatives of the Master of the Order to share information and struggles, exhort and encourage one another, and make decisions as to how to move forward in achieving the aims of the Association for the next term.  At the assembly, the president and council are also elected.

Consequently, the nuns and friars at the Assembly have a very busy schedule!  They are keeping lots of time set aside for prayer and adoration, including daily Mass and the Divine Office (excluding the little hours).  There’s also time for conversation, sharing and reflection and many, many meetings.  Considerations of the proposals by the monasteries and elections also occur in the Assembly.

Here are a few more pictures.  Please continue to keep our sisters and the work of the Assembly in your prayers!

dsc00230-croppedA day of reflection with Father Walter Wagner, O.P., Religious Assistant for the nuns


A little break and more sharing!



A moment of Adoration before Mass




The nuns at the Assembly with Father César Valero Bajo, O.P., Promoter of the nuns

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