Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Monastic Simplicity and God’s Providence

One of the beautiful aspects of monastic life is its simplicity.  Take, for example, the gardens and orchard.  There are few things as satisfying as nurturing a seed to grow, protecting it from the elements, fighting off bugs, disease, and hungry animals (for us, that usually means gophers, birds, squirrels and/or raccoons, depending on their tastes), and then experiencing the triumph of seeing it blossom and bring forth abundant fruit.


Summer squash!






And now we head back to the house with our loads of produce.  In the first cart is a boxful of peaches.


God is good and provides bountifully!

Want to know more about the contemplative life of Dominican nuns?  Our next “Come and See” Day will be October 15, 2016.  Contact Sr. Joseph Marie, O.P., vocations directress for more information or to register.

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