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Meet Our Newest Postulant – Mary’s Birthday Gift!

In some cultures, it is the “birthday girl” or “birthday boy” who gives his or her friends and family gifts.  Tuesday, on the feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Blessed Mother bestowed a beautiful present on us – the entrance of a postulant! It was also on this day 67 years ago that our Sister Maura also entered the enclosure.

The day’s joy was increased by the presence of another postulant-to-be, who came for a visit and to be here for our postulant’s entrance.  The postulant-to-be will be entering in one month on October 7th, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!  Please join us in continuing to pray for our newest vocations, as well as the other young women in various stages of discerning with our community.

01a.Veiling as a Postulant IMG_3832

Receiving our postulant at the enclosure door

It is commonly known among the sons and daughters of St. Dominic that the Dominican Order came into existence because Mary prayed for an order of preachers to proclaim the Gospel for the salvation of souls, and that Jesus entrusted the Order to the maternal care of Mary.  Our newest Sister was blessed to experience more of Dominican family life in the days before she entered – she had the opportunity to spend her last days on the “outside” at St. Albert Priory with the Dominican friars in Oakland.  They even ensured she had a ride to the monastery, as she no longer owns a car!  Now as she begins formation as a Dominican nun, she joins us in praying for them, as well as the rest of our Dominican family, friends, benefactors, and the salvation of souls.

03a.Postulant Reception Kiss of Peace DSC05525

Receiving the kiss of peace from the community

03.Blessing after receiving Rosary IMG_3844

Our Prioress, Sr. Maria Christine, blesses our new Sister during the Salve Regina

It is evident that Mary continues to look after us and lead us to Jesus with the heart of a mother.

Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

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