Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Meet our newest novice – Sister Amata Marie of the Divine Mercy!

Sister Amata Marie is our beloved now “youngest” sister.  Her story is also an amazing example of God’s providence and gentle leading – from Vietnam to Houston, where she first discerned her religious vocation and entered a Dominican congregation of active sisters, and now California as a cloistered Dominican nun.  Read her story here.

Because Sister is transferring from an active Dominican religious community, she is required to complete a time of novitiate formation to learn about and live the unique vocation as a cloistered Dominican nun.  However, in recognition of her previous formation as a Dominican religious sister, that time of initial formation is overall shorter than what most of our young sisters undergo in the novitiate.

Please keep our growing novitiate in your prayers, and all those God is yet calling to cloistered Dominican life!

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