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Mater Intemerata – Ora Pro Nobis

2015.02.28 BVM Mater intemerata

According to St. Sophronius, ‘grace is given partially to other Saints, but to the Blessed Virgin all was given.’ So much so, says Saint Thomas, that ‘grace not only rendered the soul, but even the flesh of Mary holy, so that this Blessed Virgin might be able to clothe the Eternal Word with it.’

Ah, my Immaculate Lady!  I rejoice with thee on seeing thee enriched with so great purity.  I thank, and resolve always to thank, our common Creator for having preserved thee from every stain of sin;…

Permit me, then, to praise thee also as thy God himself has praised thee: “Thou art all fair, and there is not a spot in thee.”  O most pure Dove, all fair, all beautiful…disdain not to cast thy compassionate eyes on the wounds of my soul…behold me, pity me, heal me…my Mother, my Queen, my beloved, most beautiful, most sweet, most pure, Immaculate Mary.  Amen.

-Extracted from the Glories of Mary by St. Aphonsus de Liguori

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