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Mater Divinae Gratiae – Ora Pro Nobis

“Mary is all eyes to pity and help us in our necessities.”

BVM Mater Divinae Gratiae for web

A little meditation from our beloved Doctor of the Church, Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri…

Saint Epiphanius calls the divine Mother many-eyed, indicating thereby her vigilance in assisting us poor creatures in this world.

A possessed person was once being exorcised, and was questioned by the exorcist as to what Mary did.  The devil replied, “She descends and ascends.”  And he meant, that this benign Lady is constantly descending from heaven to bring graces to men, and re-ascending to obtain the divine favor on our prayers.  With reason, then, used St. Andrew Avellino to call the Blessed Virgin the “Heavenly Commissioner,” for she is continually carrying messages of mercy, and obtaining graces for all, for just and sinners….

The eyes of the Lord are on the just .  “But the eyes of the Lady,” says Richard of St. Laurence, “are on the just and on the sinners”.  “For,” he adds, “the eyes of Mary are the eyes of a mother; and a mother not only watches her child to prevent it from falling, but when it has fallen, she raises it up.”

Let us thank God for his great love and mercy in giving us this great Queen as our Mother.

Below is a short prayer we pray each day while putting on our veil to remind us that we are a house of prayer and to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary for protection.  We hope you will pray with us to implore our Mother’s protection daily.  Our Mother does take delight in having her children asking for her assistance.

O Mary, mother of all grace,
True Mother of mercy to our race!
Protect us now from Satan’s power
And own us at life’s closing hour.

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