Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Mater Creatoris – Ora Pro Nobis

As Mother of our Creator, Mary truly is the Queen of Creation.  What wonderful and unfathomable mystery!

The Queen of Creation is also our Queen of mercy who will certainly obtain all that we sinners humbly ask of her: true conversion, the love of God, perseverance…even the kingdom of heaven.

Let us approach this great Queen for she has great power along with such high a dignity.  Let us pray for ourselves, for those in need of conversion and for all the souls in purgatory, and especially by offering the Rosary for them.

The following is an example recounted by St. Alphonsus de Liguori:

Father Eusebius Nieremberg says, that in a city of Aragon there was a beautiful young lady of noble birth named Alexandra, who was courted by two young men. Out of jealousy, they one day fought, and both were killed. Their enraged relatives, considering the young lady as the cause of this sad event, murdered her, cut off her head, and threw it into a well. Some days afterwards, Saint Dominic passing by the spot, and inspired by God, went to the well, and cried out, ‘Alexandra, come forth!’ In an instant the head of the murdered woman came up, and remained on the edge of the well, and entreated the Saint to hear her confession. The Saint did so, and in the presence of an immense concourse of people, drawn there by the wonderful event, gave her communion. He then commanded her to say for what treason she had received so great a grace. Alexandra replied, that when her head was cut off, she was in mortal sin ; but that, on account of the Rosary she was in the habit of saying in her honor, the most Blessed Virgin had kept her alive. The animated head remained for two days on the edge of the well, so as to be seen by all, and after that the soul went to purgatory. A fortnight afterwards Alexandra appeared, beautiful and shining like a star, to Saint Dominic, and said, that the Rosary recited for the souls in purgatory is one of the greatest reliefs that they meet with in their torments; and that, as soon as ever they get to heaven, they pray earnestly for those who have performed this devotion for them. Hardly had she said this, when Saint Dominic saw her happy soul ascend with the greatest joy to the kingdom of the blessed.

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