Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Lost and Found

Meister Eckhart and SMD Study Thomas Aquinas (IMG_3195)

One of the quirks of living in the house that is almost 100 years old with over 60 sisters having resided within the walls within that time, is that the attic, basement and closets become places where you may find lost treasures.  For example, our Sacristan recently found a stuff penguin wearing a pope Benedict XVI t-shirt.  One of our recent aspirants dubbed him Meister Eckhart and he has now taken up residency in the novitiate as their mascot.

On another hunt to see if we had an ice-cream machine (hunt successful!), we found the two fish bowls and accessories.  Now to hunt for occupants…if successful, Meister Eckhart may have to find a new study space.  No snacking, Meister Eckhart!


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