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July “Come-and-See” Day: Recap (with Pics!)

A big thank you to everyone who gave their time, prayers, and resources for our July “Come-and-See” Day – it was amazing!  Here are just a few pics from the day.  If you missed out last weekend, make plans to join us on October 15th!

01.Fr Allen IMG_2426

After Mass, Divine Office and breakfast, Fr. Allen gave the first talk on discernment.  Father Allen Duston, O.P. is our chaplain and has a fascinating story, which he shared as part of his talk.

02.SJM IMG_2435

Next up, our directress of vocations, Sister Joseph Marie of the Child Jesus, O.P., gave a talk on what it means to be the spouse of Christ, particularly as a Dominican contemplative nun.

03.Lunch with the friars IMG_2439

After the Divine Office and Rosary, it’s time to eat!  Lunch was prepared by the nuns and used many of the fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden.  Company was provided by three of our wonderful friars, Brother Andy Opsahl, O.P., Brother Thomas Aquinas Pickett, O.P., and Father Allen Duston, O.P., who were peppered with questions.

04.Conversation with nuns IMG_2462

In the monastery, recreation follows our midday meal, so the community gathered in the parlor to visit with the attendees and share their vocation stories.  The sisters also attend the talks as their time allows – this picture was taken during Brother Andy’s talk.

05.Br Andy IMG_2459

After time for adoration and Divine Office, Brother Andy gave a talk in the afternoon, offering practical advice and great suggestions for meditations to help us grow in holiness.

06.Benediction IMG_5266

Finally, as the day began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (and we had time for prayer and adoration in the middle), we end the day with Vespers and Benediction.

Again, a big thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.  And please keep the young women who attended this “Come and See” Day in your prayers.  May God grant them peace and joy and they continue to discern His will for their lives!

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