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How to Grow Wings…and Become an Angel!

Today is Giving Tuesday! And we would like to share with you a few thoughts as to how you can give and receive, for as St. Paul once affirmed that God loves a cheerful giver!

Sister, how can we support you?” is a question we often hear, particularly this time of year.  Like all Dominican monasteries, we are completely autonomous, which means we receive no financial support from the archdiocese, the Dominican province, the Dominican Order or the Church.  For our material needs, we depend completely on God’s Providence, through our Altar Bread Department, and donations of time, talent and treasure from our angels, like you.

Altar Bread Department

Our primary source of income is our altar bread department.  You can help by encouraging your pastor or parish administrator to help support contemplative life by purchasing altar breads from us (or another local monastic community).

Sister Mary Isabel packing an order for shipping.  We provide altar breads to parishes, retreat centers and individual priests up and down the West Coast, as far north as Alaska!

Product and order information may be requested by contacting our Altar Bread Department.

Spiritual Bouquets

Since the founding of our monastery, our community has welcomed Mass requests and provided personalized Mass cards upon request.  We are excited to introduce new card designs based on photography of our nuns!

Sister Mary Francis looking over our new card designs, preparing to send out the first cards.

The inside of the cards are personalized at the time the Mass request and donation are submitted, and then mailed directly to the honoree or to the requestor.

We also have a new card design for our Venite Adoremus Association.

To learn more or to request a Mass or Venite Adoremus Association enrollment, see our Mass Cards and Venite Adoremus Association in our on-line Gift Shop.  And be sure to check back often for new card designs and productions based on our sisters’ photography and artwork!

Sister Marie Dominic, O.P. putting the finishing touches on artwork to be used on a prayer card.  This Gothic art of illumination was commissioned by the Infant Jesus of Prague Society on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the installation and dedication of the Infant Jesus of Prague Shrine at Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park.

Gift Shop

Visit our online gift catalogue for products created by our sisters.  Products include books and devotional pamphlets, music, and handmade rosaries.

One of our former aspirants has discerned marriage and we are thrilled for her!  She and her husband-to-be ordered a rosary for each of their wedding party and a custom large rosary for themselves.  Here you see some of our sisters making rosaries during evening recreation.

Check back often as more items become available!

Become a Nuns’ Angel

Though we live voluntary poverty, so our needs are simple, and we work hard to procure an income, Monasteries like ours can’t survive without the gifts and donations of time, talent and treasure of our Nuns’ Angels!

One of our very dear Nuns’ Angels with Sister Joseph Marie, O.P. and our novitiate sisters.

The Nuns’ Angels generously support our contemplative life by giving of their time, talent and/or treasure.


Some of our angels have given their time on projects around the monastery, to drive our sisters to doctors appointments, pick-up a guest from the airport, or run other errands.

Students from Stanford University volunteering to help the sisters with grounds work.  In the past, others have volunteered various services, including electrical and plumbing work, tree removal, library cataloguing, and many other tasks.

If you have special knowledge, skills, or just a strong arm and a little time and want to volunteer, please contact our prioress, Sister Maria Christine, O.P. at .


Donations and gifts from our Angels make a big difference in our lives.  We are eternally grateful for your generous support.

Amazon Smile: While checking off the Christmas and birthday list, remember to support us. Go to and Amazon will make a donation to charitable organizations like ours, if you select us through Amazon Smile.

Monetary Donations: Now you have the option to designate a fund for your donation.

Saint Dominic (General Providence) Fund

Groceries.  Heat.  Electric.  Water.  These and other basic expenses are incurred monthly and add up, especially during the colder winter months (and dry summer months).  The Saint Dominic Fund covers these general expenditures that quickly add up for a growing monastic community.

Saint Joseph (Building and Grounds) Fund

Our large Gothic monastery, constructed in 1927, sits on about eleven acres, most of which is inside the enclosure.  As the sisters rarely leave the monastery, our grounds and garden spaces are essential for our health and well-being.  This fund helps cover the costs associated with the increasing maintenance and renovation needs, such as replacing bad pipes or old lighting, removing fallen trees, and other large expenditures.

Saint Martin de Porres Medical Fund

This fund is designated to cover increasing insurance and medical costs, particularly for our younger sisters.

Saint Louis Bertrand Formation Fund

Proper formation is essential to religious life.  This fund is designated to cover the costs associated with initial and ongoing formation for our sisters, such as books and supplies, instructor stipends, and costs associated with participating in the Monastic Theological Studies program.

Blessed Jordan Society (Vocations Development)

Pray.  Invite.  Encourage.  This is the mission of the Blessed Jordan Society.  Under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother and Blessed Jordan, members promise to be open to the Holy Spirit in helping to build a culture of vocations in their homes and local Church.  Membership benefits include:

Periodic newsletter, Stella Matutina, published by our vocations office and including news and information about our monastery, the Dominican Order, and vocations.  Currently the newsletter is available only in electronic form.  If you are interested in sponsoring or subscribing to a print version, please contact our vocations directress, Sister Joseph Marie, O.P. at

As a day specially set apart, the first Thursday of each month is offered in our Monastery for our benefactors and the members of the Society and for their intentions. Members also share in the spiritual fruits of daily Mass, Holy Communion, Rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Nuns, their recitation of the Divine Office, their works, fasts and sacrifices.

…fasting and almsgiving are “the two wings of prayer” which enable our prayers to “fly safely and are more easily carried to Heaven, where Christ our Peace has preceded us.”
-St. Augustine



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