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Br. Gabriel Class - Philosophy (IMG_2773)

Our novitiate sisters have been taking a series of classes given by Rev. Brother Gabriel Mosher, O.P. and today was the second day of the new class they’ve begun: Philosophy!

Br. Gabriel Class - Philosophy (DSC05206)

Now why do nuns need to learn about philosophy?  For us, philosophy provides some basics for the understanding of theology which in turn help us  in our study and contemplation.

Br. Gabriel Class - Philosophy (IMG_2764)

Overwhelmed and intimidated at idea of studying philosophy?  Yes!  At least at first. But like all our brothers who have graciously agreed to teach classes, Br. Gabriel has made it engaging and understandable even using the Summa!  By developing the habit of study we gradually come to a certain level of understanding.  And only in learning more about God whom we love can we love Him more.

Br. Gabriel Class - Philosophy (DSC05202)

In order to contemplate, we need to have time and energy devoted prayer and study which will lead us to the understanding of God.

If you know a young, single woman you think might have a vocation to our life of prayer, study and common life, tell her!  And invite her to our discernment day on July 11th!

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