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Giving Challenge: Lace up the Running Shoes – A Real Nun Run!


A couple weeks ago week on Facebook, we shared with you that five of our Dominican brothers from the Western Dominican Province are running a half-marathon (13.1 miles) to raise funds for the care of our elderly friars.  Their goal is to raise $5,000 by March 18th.  That is the cost of five weeks of care for one elderly friar.

Though our brothers have recently reached their goal (Deo gratias!), this is a crucial ongoing need for our elderly friars and the Province, so we want to join our brothers in their efforts.  We can’t leave the cloister for the half-marathon, but we are blessed to have a nice, long Rosary path around our cloister grounds.  Five of our sisters have adopted a friar as a “running partner”, are pulling out their rosaries, and lacing up their running shoes!

01.BrAndyOP01.SJM IMG_3981web
Br. Andy, O.P. | Sister Joseph Marie, O.P.

02.BrThomasAquinasOP02.SMI IMG_3976web
Br. Thomas Aquinas, O.P. | Sister Mary Isabel, O.P.

03.BrScottOP03.SMD IMG_3981web
Br. Scott, O.P. | Sister Marie Dominic

04.BrDamienDominicOP 04.SAM IMG_3981web
Br. Damien Dominic, O.P. | Sister André Marie

05.BrMatthewOP 05.SMF IMG_3987web
Br. Matthew, O.P. | Sister Mary Francis

For every $150 raised by one of the brothers, while they are running on March 18th, the sister partnered with that friar will complete one mile on our rosary path, praying for our elderly friars, her friar “running partner”, and all the friends and benefactors who will have donated to this cause.  If one or more of the brothers raises more than $2,000, then the other sisters will complete the “extra” mileage (that way no one sister will be required to complete more than the half-marathon distance).  Want to see all five sisters complete the half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles?  Then help the friars double their goal!  Only $10,000 to make it happen!

On your mark…get set…GIVE!


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