Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Funs, Games And Laughters…In The Cloister???

2015.05 Recreation 2 (IMG_0938)

Most definitely!

Recreation should be a healthy part of everyone’s life and the cloistered nuns are no exception!  We have a period of time set aside in our regular horarium (typical daily schedule) to come together as community, relax and have fun.  It is a time when we express our joy at being together as we review the events of the day, and at times laughing so hard that it would scandalize anyone who might overhear these signs of merriment for half an hour each night.  Sometimes the sisters bring a hobby or craft to work on while chatting; sometimes we play a game.

One night, we broke out a new game (new to the community anyway), that we received for Christmas from one of our friends – Jenga!  A few brave souls tackled the tower-building challenge: Sr. Joseph Marie, Sr. Mary of the Holy Family, Sr. Mary Isabel and Sr. Tara while the rest of the community watched with great anticipation.


Who was the winner?  Can you guess?


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