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For Those Who Pray


Today we celebrate a beautiful memorial: the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Temple.  Tradition holds that Mary’s parents, Anne and Joachim were barren.  Anne prayed with fasting and tears for a child and God heard her prayers: Mary was conceived and born.  With joy and thanksgiving, when Mary had grown a few years, Anne and Joachim took Mary to the Temple in Jerusalem and offered her back to God, as Hannah had done with Samuel the prophet.  Yet, Mary was different.  By the anticipation of the merits of Jesus, God preserved Mary from all sin, from the moment of her conception.  Consequently, the offering of Mary to God in the Temple was a singularly pure and lovely gift.

Mary’s unique and surpassing graces and beauty were hidden from men – she appeared to be a simple, joyful little girl.  But God often keeps His greatest treasures secret from all but a few who seek His wisdom and heart.

Mary’s hiddenness, her holiness, her life of constant prayer and union with God are some of the primary reasons why she is called the perfect contemplative.  Her presentation to God and her taking up a life of prayer in public, in the Temple of God, is why this day has been designated by the Church as a day to especially pray for those who are consecrated to a life of hidden contemplation within the walls of a monastery, convent, abbey or hermitage.

We wish to thank our friends, family and benefactors for supporting our life of prayer with your prayers, your time, your talents and your generosity.  And we humbly ask that you remember us, and all consecrated contemplative men and women today in your prayers.

Mary, Mother of all Contemplatives, pray for us!


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