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Did You Know You Have A Royal Mission?


Remember Esther?  She was the orphan Jewish girl living with her uncle in exile who won a royal beauty pageant and became queen.  Then, when her people were under threat of annihilation from the evil Haman, at the coaxing of her uncle, she prayed, fasted, and risked her life to beg for her people before the king.  Her uncle reminded her that “for such a time as this,” she had been put in the position of queen by God.

Did you know as a baptized Christian, you have a share in the kingship of Christ?  You too have a royal mission!  Every Christian has some share in God’s divine plan and a responsibility to live and spread the kingdom of God as God has placed you and directs you, whether your vocation is to marriage, holy orders, consecrated life or dedicated single life.  Do you know God’s plan for you?  Well, now is the time to seek it out – November 6 – 12 is National Vocations Awareness Week!

Every day this week, we will especially remember vocations in our prayers and invite you to join us!  We’ll be featuring a vocation on our blog and Facebook page daily.  And don’t forget to make others aware of their royal dignity – if you like these posts, please let us know and share them!

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