Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Christmas Preparation In The Monastery!

For the past few weeks the monastery has been in a quiet spiritual preparation for Christmas whereas most of the outside world is immersed in a red and green tinsel frenzy since Halloween.  We did not start our mad dash decorating and baking until this past Monday.  Here are some pictures of our sisters in action…

Christmas Prep Choir IMG_0780

Putting twinkle lights on the tree in the nuns’ choir

Christmas Prep Chapel IMG_0835

Changing the vigil lights in anticipation…

Christmas Prep Chapel IMG_0841

Many hands are a help!

Chrismas Prep Chapel IMG_0845

Reach!…But don’t look down, Sister!

Christmas Prep Chapel IMG_0857

Twinkle lights on the tree in the public Chapel’s side

Christmas Prep Chapel IMG_0866

Are we even yet?

Christmas Prep Outside IMG_0868

It’s hard to see but yes, we’re stringing icicle twinkle lights outside the front of the monastery.

Christmas Prep Inside IMG_0810

Decking the halls with more twinkle lights! Now can you tell that we LIKE twinkle lights? 🙂

Christmas Prep Practice IMG_0884

Time to practice Liturgy!

Chrismas Prep Cooking IMG_0870

Preparing sweets and savories to break the fast after our vigil Mass…

But we’re not done yet! The community has one final push tomorrow morning in preparation for Christmas day…



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