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Under Construction!

Watch your step and don’t mind the dust in the novitiate!  As our novitiate has grown, we’ve had the opportunity to make a few much needed improvements to the novitiate common room and dormitory.

First, let there be light!  Some time ago, we were alarmed at a strange “hot” smell coming from somewhere in the monastery.  The odor was quickly traced back to the novitiate common room where one of the old ballast light fixtures was beginning to smoke.  Thankfully, nothing was damaged, but over 1/3 of the lighting was lost in the novitiate common room as the electrician was unable to fix it – the lights would have to be replaced.

The novitiate was thrilled when the day finally came when we could have new lighting installed!  But then we discovered the new, sleek lighting did not cover all the ceiling the old light had covered, and in one patch, ceiling plaster had crumbled, leaving a hole.  Time to patch and paint!  And while we are at it, let’s rearrange the furniture and work spaces…

Now the novitiate has a very comfortable common room for work, class and recreating, with enough light to make sunglasses tempting!

But we didn’t stop there.  Our novitiate storage room also needed some organization.  “Sisters, we have some scrap wood – how good are your carpentry skills?” Our Prioress, Sister Maria Christine asked the novitiate.  One of the beautiful things about monastic life is that you may have skills and talents that are “hidden”, but which are called forth for the common good.  Our novice, Sister Mary Francis did an amazing job of designing and building our new storage system with limited tools and supplies, and with the helping hands of her novitiate sisters.

With these projects under our belt, the novitiate sisters are looking around the monastery and wondering, what home and garden improvements can we tackle next?  Cultivating plant cuttings?  Redesigning one of the gardens?  Fixing some of the wobbly furniture and sticking doors?  Repairing our planting shed?  Let’s do it!