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The Immaculate Conception

Do not be afraid, Mary. You have found favor with God. For your creator has filled you with grace. You are to be His mother. You are to undo the choice of Eve, the first mother, to disobey by your choice to obey.

It must be truly your choice as it was truly her choice. For though the serpent spun his lies, she was capable of knowing the Truth, because He walked with her and the man in the garden. He will walk with you now as a little child placing his hand in yours. He will walk with you up a hill to plant anew the Tree of Life, himself its fruit, desirable for gaining wisdom, pleasing to the eye, good for food.

But this wisdom is the folly of the Cross, where nature’s eye can find no comeliness or beauty to attract it, only the eyes of faith. This food is his very Body given in mystery. And there at the foot of the Cross, your heart pierced with the swords of sorrow, you will become the Mother of all the living.

Do not be afraid, Mary, the Lord is doing marvelous things! His right hand is winning the victory for him and for all mankind. You are chosen in our Lord Jesus Christ, by Him and for Him and have been filled with every spiritual blessing in the heavens. You are the fairest honor of our race.

So rejoice highly favored one! Do not be afraid of who you are before God, lowly handmaid, exalted queen, Mother of us all, Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception.


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