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Caritas, Unitas and Veritas: Dominican Family and the Third Assembly of the North American Association of Dominican Monasteries


On Monday and Tuesday of this week, cloistered Dominican monasteries throughout North America sent some of their nuns to the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, Tennessee on the occasion of the Third Assembly of the North American Association of Dominican Monasteries.  Our prioress, Sister Maria Christine, O.P., is also the president of the Assembly and so traveled with our community’s delegate, Sister Joseph Marie, O.P., to attend the meeting.  

It is good when brothers and sisters work together in unity for the salvation of souls!  The Dominican Order is unique in that each branch of the Dominican family – friars, nuns, active sisters, and laity, are truly brothers and sisters, children of St. Dominic, though each has a different place within the Order.  At the Assembly, three of the branches are represented: the cloistered nuns (naturally), the friars (by the presence of Father Walter Wagner, O.P. as friar consultant to the nuns, Father César Valero Bajo, O.P. as general promoter of the nuns, and Brother Herman Johnson, O.P. along with Father John Paul Walker, O.P. as guest speakers), and the active sisters through the Nashville Dominican sisters, who have shown such gracious and generous hospitality.

Dominican life is beautiful!  Here are a few pictures from the first day.  The Assembly runs through next week, with the nuns returning to their respective monasteries on Friday, September 23rd.  Please keep our sisters in your prayers throughout these meetings and as they travel home.


Sister Maria Christine, O.P., President of the Association officially opened the Assembly


Mother Ann Marie, O.P., Prioress General of St. Cecilia Congregation graciously welcomed the nuns


Sister Maria Christine, O.P., thanking Mother Ann Marie, O.P. on behalf of the nuns for her generosity


Sister Maria Christine, O.P., introducing Sister Mary Raymond, O.P., Prioress of the Motherhouse of St. Cecilia Congregation

dsc00214Father Walter Wagner, O.P. of the Eastern Dominican Province gave a few words of welcome to the nuns

dsc00223Praying Compline with the Sisters in their beautiful Chapel!

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